In this section we will provide step by step instructions about configuring the APN Settings in both the 3G and 4G versions of the H685 and H820 Routers.

These instructions assume that you have already connected to the router using the Web Interface.

Once you have set your APN settings within the Proroute 3G/4G router, we recommend that once you have tested the router connection to the internet is working then you configure your Ping Reboot.

3G and 4G network providers regularly disconnect 3G and 4G devices from their networks.  However they do it in such a way that the 3G device still thinks it is connected because it is receiving network signals back from its keep alive interaction with the network, but the internet connection is lost.

The Proroute 3G and 4G routers (as do most other M2M router providers) use a simple Ping Reboot feature to test the actual Internet connection rather than the connection to the network.  This service simply pings an address on the Internet and if it does not receive a reply it will assume it has been disconnected by the network and will reboot the router to re-establish the Internet connection.

Within the Proroute router settings this is very simple to set up and is found under the Internet Settings / Cell ICMP Check.

We will shortly have a video that shows you how to set the ping Reboot, but all you have to do is enter two Internet addresses into the boxes and tick the active box and APPLY the settings.  We use Google Public DNS servers as our Host IP Check addresses because we assume that Google should be capable of providing a 100% up-time for their DNS servers.  The IP addresses are and