Proroute SD-WAN

SD-WAN is one of the best ways to provide two of the most common business Internet services combining traditional wired broadband Internet and 4G and 5G Mobile Broadband Internet.

4G Failover / 5G Failover

When a business needs to ensure it has a reliable Internet service it can add a 4G or 5G Router to one of the WAN ports of their network firewall and the firewall can be configured to use the 5G router and SIM in the event that the primary Internet connection is unavailable.  Whilst this type of simple 4G / 5G backup solution is easy to implement (just add router and SIM to WAN port and configure firewall for failover) and it can provide a basic Internet service for office based users it does have some drawbacks.

A Basic 4G/54G failover solution will use the mobile broadband router as the backup, but this connection will have a separate IP address, and unless the cellular router is using a Fixed IP SIM card there will be no remote access to the office, so any remote access using VPN, or access to CCTV or other office services will not be available, affecting the running of the business.  Also, in some cases VoIP telephony may not work.

The solution is SD-WAN.  Software Define Wide Area Network which enables the business to have a combined Internet solution delivered to the business.  This combined Internet can comprise several Internet connections including wired Broadband, Ethernet, 4G Router, 5G Router, Wireless Internet and Satellite.  These multiple Internet services are connected to the SD WAN Box, which connects as a single Internet connection to the business firewall and the SDWANPRO device will also connect to the SD WAN PRO service via the multiple legs.

The SD-WAN service will connect these multiple legs to the Internet with a single IPv4 IP address, this means that all the connections from the business to the outside world via the SDWAN service will be via a single IP address, and if one leg (Internet service) is unavailable then the business can still communicate using the remaining Internet Legs, and because the public IP address of the combined Internet service remains the same, then all the business remote access and VoIP services will continue to seamlessly operate.

Bonded 4G / Bonded 5G Internet

An SD-WAN solution will enable multiple Internet services to be combined (bonded) together to create a single, low latency, high bandwidth Internet service.

The SD WAN PRO box and service will allow the user to add multiple 5G routers (or 4G Routers) and these multiple connections will be delivered as a single, bonded service which can connect to a business firewall, or used as a stand alone Internet service where a fast 5G cellular Internet connection is required.  For example, at an event where you need a high speed, bonded 5G router solution for media streaming, or you need a reliable, multi-sim network solution to ensure reliable internet for payment systems / point-of-sale or other services.  This combination of multi-network connections at large events might be essential due to the large number of mobile users attending the event.

This bonded 5G Internet solution relies upon the SD-WAN box to enable the connection of multiple Internet services and devices as well as the SD-WAN service which provides the connection to the Internet as a bonded service with a single Ipv4 IP address.

One of the extra benefits of Bonded 5G Internet is that the SD-WAN solution provides built-in 5G backup / 5G failover because the SDWAN PRO device will continue to function if one of the bonded Internet legs is unavailable.  So an SD-WAN service with 3 5G legs will still work if a 5G connection is lost and will continue delivering high speed 5G broadband over the remaining two 5G routers.