Wind and Solar Energy Monitoring Using 4G and 5G Routers

Solar and Wind Energy monitoring

Increasing the proportion of solar and wind power generation to the energy mix is a vital step to reach green energy targets. Proroute is proud to be an enabler of these technologies by providing the hardware for connectivity to the mobile 4G/5G networks. 

Due to the nature of the technologies they are often installed in remote locations which are highly expensive to install fixed line internet. Therefore to remotely control and monitor the equipment it is necessary to install an industrial 4G/5G Router. A IOT/M2M Fixed IP SIM will also be required for two-way communication and control of the devices. Together the router and SIM provide a secure and reliable method to manage thousands of devices in a single system. 

Solar and wind systems need constant monitoring and control due to the variation of environmental conditions, it is therefore crucial to choose a 4G/5G router with is built to be robust and reliable. Proroute provides a range of applicable routers for the use of monitoring energy production.