EV Charging Connectivity using 4G and 5G routers

Smart EV Charging


The world is making the move to the use of electric vehicles at an accelerating pace. This will limit the emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles, improving health through quality of air and slowing the effect of vehicles on climate change.

In the UK the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be phased out by 2030. This requires a huge increase in EV charging infrastructure across the country. A vital technology in this transition is the use of smart EV Charging which will help us as a society make this step. Smart EV chargers connect to a central cloud-based charging infrastructure which enables the monitoring, management and control of charging. Further benefits possible are:

  • Helps to reduce peak-time demand for energy by scheduling charge times.
  • Enables maximal charging power, by choosing times this will be possible.
  • Provides secondary revenue source for service providers of charging services.
  • Allows the user to monitor electricity consumption.
  • Increased safety through automatic fault diagnostics.
  • Automatic updates to the charger.

The challenge for EV charging producers is connecting the EV charger to the internet, this is where Proroute can provide the connectivity required. The Proroute H685 4G Router enables connection to the internet through the mobile networks, as well as providing a WiFi connection also. So the smart EV charger can communicate with the central cloud-based infrastructure enabling remote management of the EV charger, updates to the firmware and payment system remotely. The WiFi of the H685 also provides the functionality needed for NFC (Near Field Communication) wireless payments for clients using smart wallets or credit cards.

The Proroute H685 offers strong security through it’s firewall and client WiFi separation. It offers highly reliable connections to the mobile network for maximum connection up time. Also easy configuration for quick install. The physical design specifications of the H685 4G make it well suited for integration with EV chargers due to it’s very compact size, depending on the configuration the unit will be either 100mm x 60mm x 23mm or 110mm x 80mm x 23mm. The ruggedised design ensures operating temperate range of -30°C to 70°C, as well as vibration and shock resistance.

For further information please contact the Proroute team.