4G and 5G Communications
and Networking solutions

Proroute Routers for M2M connectivity

At Proroute Ltd we supply cost effective LTE mobile router solutions for remote access and monitoring.
Ensuring the highest levels of reliability the Proroute routers are ideal for M2M Gateway connectivity solutions providing a high speed wireless broadband internet connection using the 4G and 5G mobile networks for remote monitoring and management applications including CCTV, EV Charging, Digital Signage, Remote Media, Energy (Wind / Solar) monitoring and BMS systems.

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Proroute H685 5G

Proroute H685 WRT M2M 5G Router - Industrial Grade 5G router with Gigabit LAN and WAN Ethernet and WiFi. Compact and reliable 5G.

Fixed IP SIM Cards

4G and 5G Fixed IP SIM Cards with public or private IP. Cost effective solution for remote access when used with a Proroute M2M router.

Proroute H900

Proroute H900 5G WAVE2 WiFi Router Industrial IOT M2M 5G Router with Gigabit LAN and WAN Ethernet. Ideal for office 5G Internet.
Ideal for office

Proroute H685 5G For CCTV

The Proroute H685 5G Router is the ideal solution for CCTV installers that need a compact, reliable and secure 5G Internet solution for CCTV remote access and monitoring. Ideal when using an unlimited data Fixed IP SIM Card.

Proroute RAPID NR550 5G ROUTER

NEW - The RAPID NR550 5G router is the new robust, secure and reliable high speed mobile broadband device for M2M remote access and monitoring as well as providing the high speed LAN and WiFi that are demanded by office users who need a 5G router for 5G Backup or 5G pre-Ethernet connectivity. The NR550 5G router is also ideal for sIte offices and 5G CCTV Internet connectivity.