4G and 5G Routers for fixed line backup and failover

4G and 5G Routers for Fixed Line Broadband Failover / Backup

Most businesses rely on their broadband connection for Internet, Email and telephony and in the event of a fault with your telephone line or issues with your ISP then a 4G router / 5G router can provide an alternative Internet service whilst your wired broadband service in unavailable.

Proroute 4G and 5G routers can provide a secondary WAN to automatically failover onto when your business fixed line is down. 

This solution provides a resilient cellular 4G or 5G connection to the internet. Your business or the external connectivity solution you have provided can continue as normal if the wired internet is down. The failover is  automated, there is no need to reconfigure anything if your line fails. The router will automatically switch to 4G or 5G if it detects the primary internet connection has dropped. The router will auto detect when the primary line is back up and re-establish the wired connection.