Fixed IP SIM Cards with SIM Management Portal

The ideal method of remotely connecting to the Proroute 3G and 4G routers is by using a Fixed IP SIM card.

This means that when the router is connected to the 3G/4G network you can remotely connect to the router using a static IP address.  Simply open your web browser and enter the IP address supplied by the Fixed IP SIM card service provider and you will be connected to the Proroute router.

You can then use the port forwarding settings in the router settings to enable easy access to the devices located on the LAN.

Our UK distributor, 3G Router Store can provide you with a Fixed IP SIM Card service that provides a Public IP address.  This is the most common type of fixed IP SIM card service.  There is another type that provides you with a fixed IP address on the service providers network, but it is not public.  In order to connect to this type of service, you first have to create a VPN between your PC and the Fixed IP service providers network and you will then be able to connect to the private, fixed IP address on their network.

How can I remotely connect to my 3G / 4G router if I don’t want to use a Fixed IP SIM Card?

If you don’t want the convenience of a Fixed IP SIM Card, then the Proroute routers support the use of Dynamic DNS (DYNDNS) so you could use a normal 3G mobile broadband SIM card and the mobile provider will allocate you an IP address but this will change so you need to subscribe to a DYNDNS service provider in order to remotely connect to your device.  However, not all mobile providers will allocate a Public IP address to the connection and we are only aware of Orange and Three who support this feature but you will need to use the correct APN setting otherwise the network will just provide you with a private IP address on their network that you will never be able to connect to.

As far as we are aware in the UK the only mobile network that will provide your 3G connection with a Public IP address to allow the use of DYNDNS is 3 Mobile.  When you use a standard 3 Mobile SIM card in your router you will need to use the APN of ‘3internet’ and ensure that your router connects at 3G only.

There are no standard 4G SIM card services that support DDNS because they do not provide your 4G connection with a public IP address so if you need remote access to your router using high speed 4G then you will need to use a 4G fixed IP SIM Card.

Get a great deal for Fixed IP SIM cards for use in your Proroute Mobile Broadband Router

We have teamed up with a leading UK supplier of Fixed IP SIM cards who can offer competitive rates for 3G and 4G Fixed IP SIM Cards for use in your Proroute 3G Router / 4G Router for M2M remote monitoring and management application.  These Fixed IP SIM Cards are available with a public IP address or a Private IP address which is used in conjunction with a VPN to enable access to the mobile network to connect to your private IP SIM cards.

Examples of Fixed IP SIM Card Charges

  • 4G Fixed IP SIM Card 1GB Per Month Inclusive Data – £16.00 per month
  • 4G Fixed IP SIM Card 3GB Per Month Inclusive Data – £25.00 per month
  • 4G Fixed IP SIM Card 5GB Per Month Inclusive Data – £30.00 per month

O2 Fixed IP M2M Data SIM Cards
3 Mobile Fixed IP M2M Data SIM Cards
Vodafone Fixed IP M2M Data SIM Cards
EE Fixed IP M2M Data SIM Cards

3G Fixed IP DATA SIM Cards from O2, Vodafone, 3Mobile and EE

4G Fixed IP DATA SIM from O2, EE and Vodafone

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For the deals mentioned above the out of bundle data charges are £15.00 per GB, prices excl VAT, Subject to 24 month contract

For details of these M2M Data SIM Cards with Public Fixed IP please visit the following link