What is the  Proroute range ?

Proroute is a range of industrial grade 3G and 4G wireless broadband routers that are ideal for high speed remote communications for M2M, Construction, Security, Energy and Media applications. Proroute facilitates discrete, high speed, cost effective and secure communications on 3G and 4G networks.

The Proroute range currently has 3 variants, H685 3G, H685 4G LTE and H700 Dual SIM 3G.

All of these products delivery the capacity for High-Speed mobile communications, resilience and redundancy through Dual SIM options and also through being used with alternative communications devices in fail-over mode with both Fixed and Mobile.

Proroute 3G routers are designed to stay connected to the network at remote and unmanned locations with various keep alive features ensuring the communications path is always open when it is needed. The unit is also optimised for a Fixed IP connection to maintain 2 way communication with the router and the devices connected to it, be they DVRs, Media Players or Telemetry devices etc.

The Proroute series is robust and compact allowing ease of installation in challenging environments where normal business or domestic routers are not suitable.

Proroute has all the normal security and port forwarding features you would expect from a business router as well as the flexibility of open or secure WiFi access for local connections.

All of this is provided at a commercial price point not seen before for this quality of product and supported by a UK organisation with considerable experience in this field over 10 years.

If an embedded 3G/4G industrial router is needed for field applications then Proroute is the right choice for your communications requirements.

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