4G Routers for M2M / IoT Solutions

Proroute 4G routers are ruggedized industrial devices designed to provide 4G mobile internet connection to a host of M2M / IoT applications to provide remote management and monitoring. 

Proroute 4G routers provide reliable cellular connectivity for a wide range of applications for example, CCTV, Digital Signage, Remote Media and Renewable Energy applications, Wind / Solar Energy. 

Proroute H685

H685 4G Router with POE+

Our entry level, compact 4G LTE router available with different configurations

  • CAT4 LTE with 2 x Ethernet and WiFi
  • CAT6 LTE with 2 x Ethernet and WiFi
  • CAT4 POE powered (2 x Ethernet and WiFi)
  • CAT4 POE Powered (2 x Ethernet, WiFi, GPS)
  • CAT4 POE Switch (1 x POE Output, 1 x WAN/LAN, WiFi)


Proroute H820

Proroute H820

If you need additional EThernet ports then the H820 4G router provides 5 x Ethernet Ports (4 x LAN and 1 x LAN/WAN).  Available versions inlcude:-

  • CAT4 with 5 x Ethernet and WiFi
  • CAT6 with 4 x Ethernet and WiFi
  • CAT4 with 4 x POE Ports, 1 x LAN/WAN and WiFi – this model provides POE+ to up to 4 devices.