Restore Router to Default Factory Settings (Factory Reset)

Performing a factory reset on the router is a reliable way to clear any problematic configurations in the router, and is one of the best tools for troubleshooting and fixing issues. 

There are three ways to perform a factory reset. These are listed below. 

Please note - Once a factory reset is performed on the router any configuration in the router will be wiped to default. The Default IP address will revert to and the default login is admin/admin.  

1)    From within the web interface. System > Reset

Factory Reset

Pressing the ‘Reset’ button as seen in the picture above will reset the router to the factory default settings. After clicking the button a confirmation button will appear. Press this and the system will reset.

2)   Hold in the 'RST' button, just below 'CELL 1' on the Antenna end of the router for approx. 10 seconds. 

3) The Reset Pin on the terminal strip. Short the RST and GND terminals for 3 seconds and the modem will restore to factory defaults. Holding for 1 second will reboot the modem.


Please note - There is no immediate indication that the reset has been performed. Release the button and after around 10 seconds you will see the light sequence bellow:

Factory reset/system boot light sequence:

  1. All the LED’s go OFF then the WAN & LAN will come ON briefly, then go OFF.
  2. The LAN will come ON and flicker with traffic
  3. The SYS led will come ON for approx. 25 seconds then start to flash consistently.
  4. Then the WiFi LED will come on.

This is a good indication that the modem has reset as the WiFi is enabled by default. Remember if a factory reset has correctly been completed the web interface login will be back to default admin/admin and the IP address will be