H685 4G Quick Start Guide

This page contains basic information and guidance on the hardware and configuration for the Proroute H685 4G WRT router. More detailed instructions can be found in the quick start video and user manual. 

Your H685 4G package will contain the following parts:

1x Proroute H685 WRT 4G Router

1x Mains PSU

4x Stick Antennas (2 x Cell, 2 x WiFi)

4x Mag Mount Antennas (2 x Cell, 2 x WiFi)

1x Ethernet Patch Lead


Basic hardware setup:

  1. Remove SIM cover panel on rear of router by removing the two screws.
  2. Slide and lift the SIM holder, Insert SIM into holder and press and slide to lock SIM into place.

  3. Connect Cellular Antennas, and if required also connect the WiFi Antennas.

  4. Connect the power using the included Mains Power Adapter.

  5. Wait for 60-90 seconds for router to complete Boot UP, then connect to your PC using the Ethernet Cable into the LAN Port of the router.

  6. Check your PC network adapter is set to obtain IP address automatically. Then enter the default IP address of the router into your web browser ( to access the router’s user interface. Log in using the default username/password. 

  7. Once logged into the router, immediately change the default password to a secure memorable password.

  8.  Upgrade router to the latest firmware level. These can be downloaded from this page.

  9. You are now ready to configure your APN Settings, Security, WiFi, Port Forwarding etc. 

i. In order for the router to get an internet connection you need to configure the SIM APN settings, for instructions click here

Quick Start Video

Please click here to view the quick start video, which will guide you through the below basic configuration settings:

- Change router admin password

- Configure APN settings

- Configure WiFi Security / Disable WiFi

- Configure Port Forwarding 

- Configure router remote admin 

- Configure Ping Reboot / Cell ICMP Check


Default Router Settings 

IP Address - 

Web UI Username - admin 

Web UI Password - admin 

WiFi password - m2mrouter168!!!