5G Router models

Click the buttons below to see the correct firmware download links for your router.

Proroute 5G routers can be identified by either the label on the underside of the router. The label will include an ‘f’ directly after the model. e.g. H900f or H685f. 

Please be careful to choose the correct version of your H900 5G router. The different WiFi modules require different firmware. Uploading the incorrect firmware can damage the device.  There is two ways to check the firmware version required: 1. Kernel version (found in the web user interface at Status > Overview). 2. WiFi Module, this may be shown on the label found on the underside of the router. 

If your router has a ‘t’ or ‘p’, e.g. H900t or H685p, these are 4G and 3G routers respectively and the firmware can be found on the 4G / 3G firmware page.