Q. Can I get unlimited 3G/4G internet with the Proroute 3G / 4G Routers?

A. The Proroute is only the hardware device that provides the equipment to connect to the 3G or 4G network.  It is the network that decides the network speed and the amount of data you can use and how much the data costs.  The networks will normally provides data tariffs for their MOBILE BROADBAND packages which will charge you a monthly rental which includes a set amount of inclusive data.  For example The network might charge £20.00 per month for 15Gb of inclusive data and if you reach this limit the network might prevent further internet use until the reset date of the plan.  If they don’t limit the usage then any over use will be charged as an extra amount and is usually charged per MB of extra data used.  These over usage charges can be quite high on some tariffs.

In answer to the Question of unlimited data, many smartphone plans will offer along with their calls and SMS bundles either an inclusive amount of data, similar to the mobile broadband plans or they might offer unlimited internet.  In the case of these unlimited 3G / 4G internet access their terms and conditions clearly state that these are for use in a smartphone only and the networks take measures to prevent these SIM cards being used in other devices like 3G and 4G routers.  The reason that they can offer unlimited data for use in a single smartphone is because as an average the normal smartphone user will only use around 3-5Gb of data per month.

This means that as far as we are aware there are not any unlimited 3G / 4G data plans for use in 3G / 4G routers, but we don’t spend our time analysing the constantly changing mobile phone marketplace.  We included this question mainly because we get a lot of questions asking about using unlimited smartphone SIM cards in our routers and the quick answer is they might work but may be clocked by the networks.  We recommend using the proper mobile broadband plans offered by the networks or a Fixed IP SIM card provider who will provide a professional and reliable M2M SIM connectivity solution.