The Proroute H685 and H820 3G and 4G Routers all support connection to the 2G GSM Network for Data – this is the GPRS and EDGE connection types.

You can see this evidenced in the video below.

The router can be set in AUTO mode which will use the fastest available network and in the case of a 4G router, the router will first of all try to connect to LTE, then drop down to 3G services DC-HSPA+, then HSPA+, HSDPA, UMTS and if 3G is unavailable then the router will connect to any available 2G service like EDGE or GPRS.

If preferred, the user can also select to use LTE only, 3G (WCDMA) only or GSM (2G) only and the router will then only connect using that particular network service type.