H750 Dual SIM 4G Route


Proroute H750 Dual SIM 4G Router is an industrial grade, M2M router that has been designed to provide the ultimate mobile broadband connectivity gateway for multiple industries that require remote access and monitoring solutions with added resilience provides by dual SIM failover to a second network. This provides a number of possibilities for installations and operational circumstances.

Additionally this is has security features for VPN utilising IPSec, PPTP and Open VPN and also has a range of Firewall settings for blocking known inbound threats in combination with the chosen corporate security policies in place and of course offers essential keep alive features such as ping reboot and SMS reboot to ensure a reliable, always-on 4G connection.

The H750 Industrial Grade LTE 4G Router is also available with 2 x embedded 4G modems so can provide 2 x simultaneous connections and load balance these connections to the devices on the LAN or provide hot swap failover to live backup SIM for minimum downtime. This dual 4G modem router is the H750TT model and whilst it does provide 2 x simultaneous connections because of the 2 x 4G modems, it does not provide bonding, so will not double your 4G speed, it simply provides load balancing so the 2 x 4G connections can be shared by the devices on the LAN.

Proroute H750 4G Router


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