Upgrade Firmware

To keep your router up to date with the latest functions and security features, upgrade to the latest Firmware Level. 

1) Download a copy of the latest FW level to your machine, this will be a .bin file. The latest firmware levels are found at the Proroute website here. (Take care to choose the FW for the correct device and model.) 

2) In the Web UI go to System > Upgrade


'Keep settings' tick boxTicked by default. If this is ticked, once the router's firmware is upgraded, the router's current configuration will be copied and applied to the router. If this is unticked, the router will be reset to default settings when the firmware level is upgraded. It is recommended to keep unticked if troubleshooting. 

'Safe upgrade' tick box. Ticked by default. When ticked, the system will run a check to make sure the FW file is official and safe to upgrade. Unticking is only for advanced functionality and can risk errors with the upgrade. 

3) Click the button 'Choose File' to select the compatible firmware from your PC, then click the button 'Upload image…'. The router will do a basic check of the uploaded file. If it is an incompatible file, an error will be generated like the below:


 If the firmware file is OK, a verification message will appear.

4) Click the button “Proceed”, and system will restart after a few minutes and boot with the new firmware installed. 


Troubleshooting issues

If you are upgrading the firmware in order to troubleshoot an issue, it is best to untick 'keep settings'. This is because if any of your current settings are causing the issue, this will ensure the problematic configuration is not copied and applied to the router once the new firmware is installed. You will then have the router starting at default settings with the new firmware, and you can be sure of any manual change you make from that point. 

However once the new firmware level is installed, if you do choose to 'keep settings', you can still perform a factory reset which will give you factory default settings on the router with the new firmware level.