Please ensure you change your security settings especially if you are using the router with a Fixed IP SIM card with a Public IP address.

When you first log into the router on the web interface immediately change the default password to something secure and memorable.

There are two main settings you need to change.

1. Web Admin Username and Password

2. SSH Username and Password

These are accessed in the web interface at System > Password

When the router is at the factory default settings it cannot be accessed via SSH or Telnet from WAN. If you are not using these services we recommend not changing this setting.

If using a Fixed IP SIM card with a Public IP address then please ensure that your connected devices also have their security settings and passwords changed to prevent unauthorised access.

If you forget your web interface password, you will no longer be able to access it and will have to factory reset the router.

To configure the SSH, Telnet, HTTP and HTTPS access to the router go to Network > Firewall > Security