ICMP Check (Ping Reboot)

ICMP Check (also know as Ping Reboot) this is very useful service which is recommended in most remote router installations, specially in unmanned locations. In essence this function restarts the router automatically when it detects a disconnection from the mobile network, meaning you don't have to send an engineer to site to manually restart it. 

The mobile networks will disconnect devices at certain times, most often a 4G device will reconnect with no issue. However, there are occasions where a device will fail to reconnect to the local cell tower and the device will need to be rebooted to reconnect. If the router is in a remote location this will require an engineer to visit the site. The ICMP check will detect a disconnection from the internet when it fails to ping google at, the router will then auto-reboot.

ICMP check configures the router to ping a specific IP address or hostname at a set interval, if the IP address/hostname is unreachable for a set period, the router will reboot either the whole device or just the module (modem). The IP address is usually set to a server which is guaranteed to be always online - like google’s DNS servers at


We recommend using the pre-filled settings, just tick enable and save and apply to use this function.

ICMP Check (Ping reboot) is now enabled. 

Ping Reboot


-       Enable: Enable ICMP check feature


-       Host1 to ping / Host2 to ping: The domain name or IP address for checking the network connection.


-       Ping timeoutAfter a ping packet is sent, if the response packet is not received before timeout, then this ping has failed.


-       Max retries: Denoted the number of retries which are attempted before the selected ‘action when failed’ field is triggered. If the ping is returned and therefore doesn’t fail, the counter will be reset to 0.


-       Interval between pingThe time between two pings in minutes.


- Action when failed: the options are “Restart module” and “Restart router”. “Restart module” will restart the radio module (modem), and “Restart router” will restart the whole system including radio module (modem).