Configure APN Settings

In order for the router to make an internet connection to a mobile network, the correct APN settings for the SIM are required in the router. 

If you are using a standard SIM (non-fixed public IP) the router may auto-detect the APN and make an internet connection.

If you are using a M2M or Fixed Public IP SIM, you need to configure the APN settings manually.

If you don't have the APN settings for your SIM, these can be obtained from the network or your SIM provider.  

First you need to start with a router which is set to the default factory settings, and upgraded to the latest firmware. Then:

  1. Insert SIM into router. 
  2. Attach antennas on both Cell 1 and Cell 2
  3. Ensure the router/antennas are in a location which has good signal for the SIM's network. 
  4. Power on the router, and log into the web UI. 
  5. Since the router has default factory settings, once logged into the web UI immediately change the admin login password to something secure and memorable, especially if using a SIM with a public IP address.

Inside the web UI Go to Network > Mobile. In the centre of the screen you will see the below settings:

APN settings

When you start from the the factory default settings of the router, only the below settings need to be changed for the majority of SIM cards. (Of course if your SIM provider has given specific configuration settings which are different, use those)

  1. Mobile Connection. Usually the correct setting is DHCP mode.
  2. Change APN to the address given by your SIM provider. 
  3. Change Authentication method. Most often this will be PAP. 
  4. At this point a drop-down menu for both username and password will appear. Enter the correct details given by your SIM provider. 
  5. MTU - Normally this doesn't need to be set, the router will auto select the same as the mobile network. 
  6. For most SIMs the other default settings should not be changed. 
  7. Press save and apply. 
  8. Wait 60-90 seconds for internet connection to be established. 
  9. Go to Status > Overview check that the SIM status is now UP, meaning internet connection. If DOWN, there is no internet. 

Other default settings

  • IP Passthrough - Default is unticked. Leave unticked unless using the router in IP Passthrough mode. 
  • PIN Code - Default is blank. Most SIMs won't have a PIN, don't change unless specified by SIM provider.
  • Dialling Number - Default is *99#. Do not change unless specified by SIM provider.  
  • Dual APN - Default is unticked. Do not change unless specified by SIM provider.  
  • Network Type - Default is Automatic. This will automatically choose the fastest network available. Otherwise to lock the SIM to 4G select '4G (LTE) only'.
  • MTU - Router will auto match the mobile network.
  • Online Mode - Default is Keep alive. 
  • Default Route - Default is ticked. Leave ticked if using mobile as default route. 

As long as the above is followed, if the SIM status is not UP after 60-90 seconds, the most likely issues will be: 


  • SIM is not yet activated. Check with the network that the SIM is active. 
  • Antennas are not receiving signal/ very poor signal. To check this, move the router and SIM to set up in a location you know receives signal for the network.