H900 5G N-WiFi (WiFi module: AR5BHB116) Router Firmware

Please note

The 5G version of the H900 has multiple versions, these require different firmware for the different Wifi modules.

– The firmware on this page are for H900 5G with Kernel Version 3.18.XX (this is found in the web user interface at Status > Overview). This is the version used for the N-WiFi version.

– On some units the WiFi Module version will also be printed on the label found on the underside of the router. This will read ‘Cell Modem: H900f-W and Wifi Modem: AR5BHB116’.

 – All firmware files on this page are for 5G routers only. Do not install these onto 4G or 3G versions of the routers, this will damage the device and may not be recoverable. 

Security note – where possible it is advised to only use the latest FW release for your router, older versions may not have the latest security updates. 

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4th August 2021 – Latest Release

Proroute H900WRT 5G N-WiFi (H900f-W + WiFi Module: AR5BHB116) – H900-MT7621-v3.2.234-20210804-en-zh.bin  

29th July 2021 

Proroute H900WRT 5G N-WiFi (H900f-W + WiFi Module: AR5BHB116) – H900-MT7621-v3.2.233-20210729-en-zh.bin