Proroute Firmware Downloads

  • For help and guides how to upgrade a router’s firmware please search in the Proroute Knowledgebase.
  • This page provides quick links to download the latest firmware for the most popular models.
  • For previous firmware versions and revision information please visit our main firmware page

Firmware links below Updated 10 October 2023

For H685 POE version please e-mail us to obtain the latest firmware

This is the version that can be powered with 48V POE via the LAN port (H685t-POE)

Quick Links To Previous Firmware

H685 4G (excluding POE version) – H685-MT7620-v3.2.308-20230620-en-zh.bin

H685 5GH685-5G-v3.2.286-20230620-en-zh.bin

H820 4G (Old version – single WiFi Antenna) – H820-RT5350-v3.2.308-20230620-en-zh.bin

H820Q (CAT6) – H820q-QCA9531-v3.2.308-20230620-en-zh.bin